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Grandfather Clocks


The English long case clock, better known today as the grandfather or grandmother clock, became known to the civilized world during the last part of the 17th and throughout the 18th century. This was the golden age of English clock making.

The heritage of the grandfather and grandmother clocks was carried across the European Continent and the Atlantic ocean by early colonists. Germans and soon Americans were manufacturing their own clocks with the same careful attention to detail practiced by their English forebears.

The demand for floor clocks has been revived all over the world, and with reason. These clocks help make any house a home. Their resonant ticking and their mellow chimes evoke memories of a more romantic and less hurried era, when the art of being a good host rivaled that of the clockmaker. Indeed, clocks are experiencing a renaissance.

Today, all Grandfather Clocks at Black Forest Hill are genuine and fully imported from Germany. We make no mistake with quality! The meticulously finished woodwork and precise clockwork movement make them an investment for years to come.

We won't compromise on quality by importing from cheaper countries. Experience has shown that the wood for German made clock cases is well seasoned and capable of withstanding the Australian climate. Less expensive cabinets may crack and warp often resulting with noticeable gaps around the doors. All our cases are manufactured to a distinct German Quality.

We know where our clocks are all made!

Clock Movements

The majority of Black Forest Hill Grandfather Clocks use one of two types of precision German made movements. Namely Kieninger and Hermle. Both types of movement are still manufactured in Germany today.

Chain movements are generally less expensive, but the cable movements are far superior and easier to wind. Older folk or people with Arthritis much prefer the cable movement.


A family business founded in 1922 located in the southern part of Germany between the Black Forest and the lake of Constance. Hermle is is the largest producer of mechanical table clocks and wall clocks in the world. They are a market leader of mechanica clockworks.



A Hermle Chain Movement

In 1912 the Kieninger Clock Factory was founded in the Black Forest by Joseph Kieninger. It now is the oldest existing manufacturer of mechanical clock movements for grandfather, wall and mantel clocks in the world.

From its very beginning Kieninger has stayed with its traditional concept - to manufacture technically advanced, high quality mechanical movements and clocks. This has proved successful and today Kieninger is known for its craftsmanship and only the highest quality products.


A Kieninger Cable Movement

Our grandfather clocks come with either a single chime or triple chime movement. The movement may be chain or cable driven. Winding is only required every eight days. Triple chime clocks have three different musical chimes which play on the quarter hour. These chimes may also be silenced or set to 'Night-off,' which means there will be no sounds after 10.00pm until 7.15 am the following morning. Single chime clocks usually only have the popular Westminster (Big Ben) chime.

The Sounds of Time ... Ageless Chimes.
The deep melodious chimes of a clock add golden beauty to the daylight hours ... bring solace and comfort to the long and lonely hours of darkness. To each of the chimes there is a story. To each there are words.


Westminster Chimes

The world's most famous chimes are the Westminster. Nearly everyone associates the Westminster chimes with the Victoria Clock Tower of the Houses of Parliament in London. Originally, however, they were fitted to the clock of the University Church, St. Mary's the Great, in Cambridge, England. The chimes are believed to be saying this simple but beautiful prayer:
"Lord, through this hour, Be Thou our guide So, by Thy power No foot shall slide."


Whittington Chimes
The Whittington chimes, originally rung in the church of St. Mary Ie Bow, Cheapside, London, in the 14th century, became famous through the legend which connects them with young Dick Whittington. The boy, escaping from the drudgery of his master's housekeeper, thought he heard the chimes say:
"Turn again, Dick Whittington, Thrice Lord Mayor of Londontown. "
Dick Whittington turned back to London and eventually became Lord Mayor.


St. Michael's Chimes
The story of St. Michael's chimes is one of adventure. The bells were cast in London and installed in the St. Michael church steeple in Charleston, S. C. in 1764. When the British took over that city during the Revolutionary war, they took the bells with them back to England. Then a Charleston merchant bought them in England and sent them home to America. In 1823, when cracks were found in some of the bells, they were sent back to London to be recast. In 1862, during the seige of Charleston, they were moved to Columbia, S. C. for safe-keeping, but Sherman's army set fire to that area and nothing but fragments remained. These were sent back to London once more, where the original molds still stood, and again the bells were recast. In February of 1867, the eight bells were reinstalled in the St. Michael Steeple, and on March 21st, they rang out joyously: "Home again, home again from a foreign Land. "

To reproduce these chime sounds for the internet would be very deceiving. There is nothing as harmonious and tranquil as listening to the actual sound of a chiming clock. Similarly, the digital chimes of a quartz clock are no match to the soothing sounds of a mechanical clock. They simply cannot be compared.

If you are looking for German made Grandfather clocks we have the range to suit you. There are many cheaper clocks now appearing on the market, claiming that they have German made movements. These movements are obviously not of a traditional German quality standard and actually originate in Asia. The weights are even ornamental and have the incorrect type of chain used to work a normal movement. The mechanisms are spring wound! These clocks are actually cheap wall clocks placed into a rather ordinary wooden case. When looking for quality clocks it becomes very obvious 'That you will get exactly what you pay for!'

The wooden clock case is most important. Not just only for looks, the beautiful chimes and striking sounds reverberate through each case giving them all a unique and individual sound. We recommend that interested parties should always come and listen to the sounds of a clock before making a purchase. It is also wise to see the different shades of colour, the wood grain and individual features. Black Forest Hill clock cases are all made in Germany. We can actually show you a cheaper made case, and without a doubt, you will notice the loss of quality.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions whilst shopping for traditional mechanical clocks. At Black Forest Hill we have a vast knowledge of clocks and our German Master Clockmaker with over thirty years experience, can answer just about any question you may have.

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More new clocks being tested prior to going on display on the shop floor. These clocks too, are available for viewing by interested parties.


An ongoing collection of clocks taken from our shop display, waiting for delivery and further Layby payments.

Black Forest Hill has many available Grandfather Clocks for sale. Our clocks are fully imported from Germany and will not be substituted with cheaper brands or clocks that 'claim' to be manufactured in Germany. There are several ways we can differentiate between the superior German made clocks and clocks made in other locations.

At Black Forest Hill we would prefer intending purchasers to come and see the clocks they are interested in. Each Grandfather clock has its own distinct sound and unique features. The sound is much more involved than just the noise produced when each hammer hits the rods! The look of the clock, the colours, and the different wood grains (which are very difficult to photograph), all contribute to making each clock individual. We invite you to come and learn about them and experience the joys of owning your very own Grandfather Clock.


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Depending on your individual circumstances we may agree to change these terms when purchasing Grandfather Clocks


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