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Cuckoo Clocks


The true original Black Forest German cuckoo clocks are manufactured not as mass-production clocks, but as hand-assembled masterpieces. The manufacturers aim to achieve the highest quality with their clocks.

Wood carvings and clock cases that are produced only in the Black Forest are known around the world for their quality workmanship.



The Black Forest

Each clock is hand made according to old tradition. By the time a clock reaches a home it has gone through several production steps. these photographs have been taken from supplier catalogues as visitors and tourists are not permitted into the factories for security reasons.


Cuckoo clocks are made of Linden wood (Limetree). These trees have heart shaped leaves and are very common in Europe. The wood is excellent for carving. After the trees are cut down, the wood is stacked for three years or more before it is used.

The wood is then cut into sizes appropriate for the size of each clock. All pieces are inspected and checked for cracks and irregularities. The clock is only assembled when all the various pieces are ready. That includes even the roof shingles which are individually cut and then glued onto the clock by hand. If you look at them closely you will notice they are not cut by machine.

A major part of the manufacturing process is the carving of the front plate and other basic parts such as the cuckoo. The front plate makes each clock individual. Experienced wood carvers still use special knives to do this intricate carving.


Carving the Roof Shingles

Modern day wood carving factories
carver cuckoo_clock_carving carved

Some parts of the clock such as the bellows, dancers, the cuckoo, the dial and the hands may today be made out of plastic. This helps reduce some of the costs.

Following assembly of the woodwork, the inner parts of the clock are assembled. The movements and wires give life to the cuckoo, dancing figurines and other animations.


The heart of each cuckoo clock is the movement. The movement installation is the responsibilty of the clockmaker.

Cuckoo Clock movements are still being made in Germany today. One manufacturer makes two basic types of movement. These movements are of the highest quality and certified that they are manufactured in the Black forest.


A musical movement with rotating dancers. The musical movement is basically the same as those below, only it is fitted with the extra components.



Most clocks at Black Forest Hill use the 'Regula' brand of movement.

Quality features of our cuckoo clock movements:

  • service friendly with reliable, quality-oriented construction
  • manual or automatic night shut off feature located on left side of housing
  • durability, longevity and time precision achieved by a fully automated production process according to the German Industrial Norm ISO 9001
  • all chains are produced with tarnish-proof materials. All 8-daymovements are equipped with solid brass chains
  • a fully synthetic, low viscosity oil guarantees long functioning of the movements without reoiling
  • continued improvements in productivity and technology assure quality and price stabilisation
  • the tradename "Regula“ signifies quality and know-how in the manufacturing of cuckoo clock movements for more than 100 years
  • All movements come with a two year guarantee


Figurines are added to the rotating plate above the movement


music box

A typical Swiss made music box used in musical cuckoo clocks. These music boxes are of excellent quality and cannot be sustituted by similar items made in other countries. Most of these music boxes have two different tunes.


After the clocks are put together they are stained and decorated. The different dark and light colours make them special.

Each clock than goes through a quality inspection where every fine detail of the clock is checked. The sound of the cuckoo and the tune of the music if of utmost importance. The regulation (timing) of each clock is also monitored.

Once the clock meets all the requirements of the manufacturer they are individually boxed and shipped to the dealers, ready for their new home. These days there are over 60,000 clocks produced in Germany each year for world wide customers.


Visit our shop and see what makes the cuckoo tick - and sing!

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The making of Quartz Cuckoo Clocks, Kuckulinos and Small Mechanical Clocks


Trenkle-Uhren - A perfect example of quality workmanship Following the famous "German Clock Trail" through one of the most beautiful valleys of the Black Forest, here in Simonswald, you will find our factory which has been making traditional clocks for more than 30 years.

Everything from the case to the mechanism is produced and assembled in our factory.
In our modern carpentry workshop the screen printed wooden boards are sawed and processed further so that all parts of the case are carefully assembled.

The mechanism among other parts is stamped by hand in brass sheets, wheels and retaining springs are assembled in precise detailed work by our experienced employees which are then fitted into the various cases.

Before a clock leaves our factory, it is tested, inspected and set. Our creative ideas are expressed in our ever changing models which add to the varied range already available.
This is our claim to high standard rights.

I invite you to come along and be inspired by our Black Forest quality work.

Bernhard Trenkle



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